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Single Axle Trailers - Single Axle Trailers

Single Axle Trailers

The Buiscar single axle trailers are a variant of skeletal trailers and a very efficient solution. The trailers are for instance common used at multi purpose terminals and logistic companies. A major advantage of the single-axle trailer is the compact steering behaviour with minor friction, which results in less wear and tear.

Buiscar Single Axle Trailers configurations

Buiscar single axle trailers are available in frame configurations bumpcar or main beams wide with a load capacity up to 65 tons. The wheels and axles can be configurated according to customer wishes and if needed, the chassis can be equipped with value adding options like a brake and lighting system. 


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Single Axle Trailers - LD50BC-45ft
Single Axle Trailers - LD60BC-FG40ft
Single Axle Trailers - LD40-26FT
Single Axle Trailers - LD30-20FT
play_circle Single Axle Trailers - LD35-20-45FT

Why Buiscar?

  • Quality manufacturer of heavy duty trailers
  • Standard and custom made technical configuration 
  • Low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime