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Buiscar offers custom engineered solutions in case of requirements due to specific operating conditions like required tonnage, platform dimensions, container positioning and many others. Ask for the Buiscar standard configurations and customize with value adding options. Here under more about the options:


Guides are the so called 'Bumpcar Shells', these guides will support the containers on the side. Buiscar offeres several options guides for Skeletal Trailers. 

Pictured: side guide Pictured: front guide
Pictured: rear Guide Pictured: corner guide
Pictured: collapsible rear guide

Landing legs

Skeletal Trailer landing legs are important, they keep te trailer at clear level when the tractor is removed from the prime mover. At Buiscar we have several options for landing legs. 

Pictured: fixed legs Pictured: manually retractable legs
Pictured: manually windable legs

Container positioning

The containers have to be positioned at the right place at the Skeletal Trailer. At Buiscar we offer you several possibilities for the right and stabile container positioning. 

Pictured: ISO pin Pictured: collapsible twistlocks
Pictured: twistlocks Pictured: container stoppers
Pictured: anti skid rubber


Pictured: inspection platforms  Pictured: ladders
Pictured: bumper


Pictured: nylon belts Pictured: aluminium bars
Pictured: mudguards


Buiscar offers several options for the brakes at your Skeletal Trailer(s). we have well trained advisors to offer you the best solution for your trailer. 

Pictured: one axle line braked Pictured: two axle lines braked
Pictured: springbreak cylinder Pictured: brake regulation, 3 positions
Pictured: air system, duomatic


The lighting at your trailer is also very important. Buiscar offers several options for lighting at your trailer(s), we have well trained advisors to offer you the best solution for your trailer. 

Pictured: LED tail lights Pictured: LED flash lights
Pictured: LED side markers Pictured: electric system


For advise about suspension options for you Skeletal Trailer(s) we can offer you several options. 

Pictured: multi leaf springs Pictured: foamed tyres
Pictured: solid tyres

Additional options 


Pictured: load capacity Pictured: adjusted platform size
Pictured: wooden deck
Pictured: add-on log Pictured: add-on coil
Pictured: add-on leakage bin


Do you have questions about our skeletail trailers? For more information please contact our Buiscar team.