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Multi trailer system (MTS)

The Buiscar multi trailer system (MTS) is a very efficient solution for cargo transportation. About 40 years ago Buiscar together with the Technical University of Delft developed the concept of the MTS train. The concept has recently been further innovated. Two up to five trailers are coupled behind each other to form a trailer trail pulled by a one terminal tractor.

The principle of the MTS concept is the very accurate steering sytem which allows that every trailer in the train follows approximately the same track as the terminal tractor. Because of this accuracy the system is very reliable and can be applied at almost every port or terminal. Buiscar offers a standard range, which can be customized by value adding options and custom engineered trailer trains. 

Your benefits:

- MTS system for different terminal lay-outs

- Reduction of movements; also very efficient over longer distances

- Reduction of delay time of cranes and other handling equipment

- Significant reduction of total equipment investment and personnel costs

- Four configurations available

  • MTS Drawbar train; up to 5 trailers and 300t cargo transported per MTS train
  • MTS Flexi train; Up to 3 trailers per MTS train, advantage of using standard trucks for a 2 trailer train, flexi trains are efficient at compact terminals
  • MTS Double stack train; Up to 10 empty 40ft containers per MTS train, advantage of double stacked transportation
  • MTS Drawbar train, 4 axles lines; Up to 5 trailers and 300t cargo transported per MTS train, advantage of reduced axle load for intermodal / inter-terminal transportation.


  • The trailer trains have a very accurate mechanical steering mechanism
  • All MTS trailers are available with frame configuration bumpcar or main beams wide
  • The trailers are equipped with braking system
  • Value adding options; automatic train tractor coupling, clamps, automatic twist locks, air suspension¬†

Multi trailer system (MTS) - MTS train with 5 trailers

MTS train with 5 trailers

Multi trailer system (MTS) - Flextrain for special transport

Flextrain for special transport

Multi trailer system (MTS) - Flextrain: 5th wheel skeletal trailer train

Flextrain: 5th wheel skeletal trailer train

Why Buiscar?

  • Quality manufacturer of heavy duty trailers
  • Standard and custom made technical configuration¬†
  • Low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime