Buiscar Cargo Solutions BV


Drawbar Trailer <50 tons


  • Smart designs and use of high tensile steel materials
  • Welding methods according to the highest Standards
  • Custom made platform layouts according to preferred dimensions
  • Special purpose designed wheel (tandem) sets for optimum load distribution
  • Heavy duty conical bearing constructions and hinge joints
  • Front- or multi/all-wheel steering
  • Well proven wheel/tyre combinations
  • Tow bar with adjustable level control
  • Finish with a 3- or 4 layer epoxy paint system
  • Low maintenance which leads to the lowest TCO


  • Pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical brake system or manual operated parking brake
  • 12- or 24Volt LED lighting accessories
  • Custom made platform decks and superstructures
  • Double coupling device for 2-directional transport
  • Multi trailer train systems also for 2-directional transport
  • Hydraulically operated lifting - or tipping platforms
  • Self propelled (diesel or electric) platform trailers

* Every customer specification or request will be considered

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Drawbar Trailer <50 tons - TAW 4/4-25T

TAW 4/4-25T

Drawbar Trailer <50 tons - TAW 4/4-5T

TAW 4/4-5T

Drawbar Trailer <50 tons - TAW4/4-3T


Drawbar Trailer <50 tons - TAW 4/4-40T

TAW 4/4-40T

Why Buiscar?

  • Quality manufacturer of heavy duty trailers
  • Standard and custom made technical configuration 
  • Low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime