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Drawbar trailer >40 tons

Buiscar Drawbar trailers are part of the Buiscar Industrial trailers. Buiscar Industrial trailers have a proven design: a heavy duty platform equipped with Buiscar running gear. The trailers have the right combination of main beams, axles and wheels and are manufactured according to strict dimensions. Different steering solutions are available. Buiscar both offers a standard range and custom engineered solutions which are applicable in many markets, worldwide.


Specifications for our Drawbar Trailers bigger than 40 tons.

FRAME from hot rolled steel

The frame is fabricated from hot rolled steel. Main beams and support beams are made of steel S355. The design is engineered using a high safety factor in order to guarantee a long lifetime.

Full pen welded construction

Full pen welded construction with mixed gas (according to NEN EN 287 and ASME standards). Welding is done by certified experienced welders. Critical connections are double checked.


Customized configurations regarding load capacity, shape of platform, length, width and height are possible. The Buiscar inhouse engineers may design the trailer to load and application needs.

BLOCK LOADS up to 60% on the surface

Block loads can be loaded up to 60% of the surface of the trailer.

PLATFORM SURFACE in many configurations

Platforms in many configurations: steel or stainless steel, pine wood, hard wood, with board or PVC or grid panels. The surface can be in open or closed execution.

Buiscar drawbar trailers SURFACE TREATMENT

Buiscar surface treatment: All steelwork is shot blasted SA2.5 and finished with 3-layer of Buiscar two-component polyurethane coating of total 150mμ (dft.) Finishing layer in a plain standard RAL colour code to be stated by the customer. Steelwork is fully closed in order to avoid rust from the inside.

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Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 2-16 100T

TAW 2-16 100T

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-8 65T

TAW 4-8 65T

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-16 110T

TAW 4-16 110T

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-16 80T

TAW 4-16 80T

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-16 80T

TAW 4-16 80T

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-16 80T Steering

TAW 4-16 80T Steering

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-8 30T

TAW 4-8 30T

Drawbar trailer >40 tons - TAW 4-16 40T

TAW 4-16 40T

Why Buiscar?

  • Quality manufacturer of heavy duty trailers
  • Standard and custom made technical configuration 
  • Low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime