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Buiscar industrial trailers

Buiscar Industrial trailers have a proven design: a heavy duty platform equipped with Buiscar running gear. The trailers have the right combination of main beams, axles and wheels and are manufactured according to strict dimensions. Different steering solutions are available. Buiscar both offers a standard range and custom engineered solutions which are applicable in many markets, worldwide.

Engineering and customization

The engineering is based on 45 years of experience and a long lasting design. Buiscar offers drawbar trailers, self-propelled trailers and AGV systems up to 160 tons, to be customized by value added options and custom engineered solutions.

Types of Industrial Trailers

At Buiscar we have a variety of industrial trailers to suit your needs. We have Drawbar Trailers for weight up to and over 50 tons, Swap Body Trailers, Roll TrailersTrailers for bulk and self-propelled Trailers. There are steering and customized solutions available for the Industrial Trailers as well.

Buiscar Industrial Trailer features

  • Quality design, steel, components and welding
  • Load capacity up to 120t
  • Suitable for general cargo, bulk cargo, containers, custom cargo
  • Stable platform structure
  • Running gear: various running gear configurations
  • Steering solutions: turning table, fuse steering, pivot steering
  • Single or double steering
  • Buiscar surface treatment
  • Options for platform: design, guides, supports, lighting, inspection and safety

How to select an Industrial Trailer?

Most Industrial Trailers are designed with quality steel, components and welding, to achieve low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime. What you should pay attention to when choosing an Industrial Trailers: material to be moved, weight of materials that have to be moved, steering type and more. At Buiscar we have a selection of Industrial Trailers for sale with various options and features. You can view them all below.

More information about our Industrial Trailers

Do you have any questions about the Industrial Trailers that are for sale? Or would you like more information about us or our services? With our wide range of services, we can help you in various ways. Contact us for more information.


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