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Clamshell grabs

Hydraulic clamshell bucket

Type HBN1800-HS-KS

  • Capacity            : 1800 litres (under dome of 30°)
  • Product             : sand/gravel/glass
  • Own weight      : 2000 kg

The clamshell bucket is in protected execution (cylinders). The knives are equipped with an overlap to avoid leaking.

Mechanical four rope clamshell bucket

Type MVBL9000

  • Capacity           : 9000 litres (under dome of 30°)
  • Product            : bulk materials
  • Own weight     : 10.000 kg

The four rope clamshell bucket is equipped with two closing ropes and two suspension ropes. The execution of the shells is round shaped and completely closed. The clamshell bucket is provided with pockets.

Electro hydraulic clamshell bucket

Type EHBN6300

  • Capacity          : 6300 litres (under dome of 30°)
  • Product           : bulk materials
  • Own weight    : 5070 kg

The shells of this clamshell bucket are in open execution. The clamshell bucket is provided with two cylinders, pump and motor.

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