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Buiscar Skeletal Trailers for new Viau terminal at the port of Montreal in Canada

Termont Montréal Inc. (“Termont”) is a skilled container terminal operator based out of the Port of Montréal, where they operate at two locations. On their Maisonneuve Terminal, now running for over 25 years, they can handle over 500.000 TEU’s (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) of containerized cargo per year. When the second fase of the new Viau Terminal is finished, the total capacity of handling TEU’s will be more than one million a year.

Deliver trailers that can perform optimally

The expansion of the terminal’s container handling capacity at the port of Montréal goes with new technologies for even more efficient execution of work. A modern terminal needs the best trailers so it was our assignment to deliver trailers that can perform optimally in the harsh conditions of the port of Montréal. The trailers must be able to withstand hot summers and winters in which it can freeze to -30 degrees Celsius.

Develop a trailer with customer-specific details

Seen the fact that Buiscar Terminal trailers are performing very well with intensive use and tough conditions, mr. Simon Bourque, Strategic Buyer of Termont, asked us to develop a trailer with customer-specific details that would perform optimally and meet the expectations of our client.

Skeletail trailers with a load capacity of 70 tons

The type of trailer of which we have delivered 30 in recent years are skeletal trailers with a load capacity of 70 tons to transport containers up to 45 feet. Our Skeletal trailers are developed for multifunctional use so they are constructed solid which makes all kinds of work possible. The base of the trailers are the main beams of high tensile steel S355JSG3. The cross beams are, like all other parts of the construction, of hot rolled steel. All connections are mixed gas welded according to NEN-EN 287 and ASME standards for a sturdy construction.


We are pleased with this assignment

The Buiscar company is pleased we were able to customize our proven quality trailers to the wishes of Termont Montréal Inc. and trust they can carry many TEU at the old and new container terminal.