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Safety first with automatically operated clamps and twistlocks - Safety first with automatically operated clamps and twistlocks

Safety first with automatically operated clamps and twistlocks

The driver does not need to leave the terminal truck to secure containers. For safety Buiscar trailers can be equipped with:

1. Electric hydrauclic operated clamps for MTS double stack trailer train

The second layer of containers is secured by electric hydraulically operated clamps as mounted at the front and rear of the platform frame. The upper container(s) will be hold together by the clamps.


2.  Air pressured operated twistlocks for MTS drawbar trailer train and Skeletal trailer

The containers are secured by air pressured operated twistlocks at the corners of the container position. For safety the system is operated from the tractor cabin by a control box.

Your Buiscar benefits

  • MTS system for different terminal lay-outs
  • Reduction of movements; also very efficient over longer distances
  • Reduction of delay time of cranes and other handling equipment
  • Significant reduction of total equipment investment and personell costs
  • Four configurations available

MTS system for a very efficient solution

The Buiscar multi trailer system (MTS) is a very efficient solution for cargo transportation. About 40 years ago Buiscar together with the Technical University of Delft developed the concept of the MTS train. The concept has been recently further innovated. Two up to five trailers are coupled behind each other to form a trailer trail pulled by a one terminal tractor.

Very accurate steering system

The principle of the MTS concept is the very accurate steering system which allows that every trailer in the train follows approximately the same track as the terminal tractor. Due to this accuracy the systems is very reliable and can be applied at almost every port or terminal. Buiscar both offers a standard range, which may be customized by value adding options, and custom engineered trailer trains.


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