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Delivery of four Buiscar skeletal trailers in Iceland

For a customer located in Iceland, Buiscar manufactured four skeletal trailers which are suitable to handle  20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers with up to 65 ton load capacity. 

To use in terminals in the North Atlantic 

The client runs several terminals in the North Atlantic, the trailers are going to be used in the terminal where cargo containers and bulk cargo are transhipped between different modes of transport such as vessels, trains and trucks. Next to the the standard ISO containers the HD65BC-45ft skeletal trailers are also suitable for pallet wide and reefer containers.  

Skeletail trailers with a proven design

Buiscar is proud to assists with supplying hight quality terminal trailers for the growing multifunctional operation. Buiscar skeletal trailers have a proven design: a heavy duty platform equipped with the unique Buiscar tandem. The skeletal trailers have the right combination of main beams, axles and wheels and are manufactured according to strict dimensions.  For more information about skeletal trailers please contact our Buiscar team.