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Buiscar Spreader Trailers

a wide range of Buiscar Spreader Trailers

For many different brands Buiscar offers a wide range of Spreader Trailers for transport, storage and/or service purposes. These trailers have a smart design guidance for easy positioning and secure locking to guarantee a safe operation. By means of a double position system the trailer can both deliver and return the spreader retracted to the crane in one move.

Low maintenance and cost of ownership 

Buiscar is well known for its low maintenance and low total cost of ownership. A trailer solution that is balanced according to customer wishes, with strict dimensions and a correct composition of beams, axles and wheels. All trailers are protected with a durable Buiscar coating system.



Options of Buiscar spreader trailers

Specific customer requirements can be engineered by Buiscar’s design team

  • Handling of spreaders retracted and extracted
  • Closed platform floor for cargo
  • Stable and ergonomic maintenance platform structure
  • Lighting and brake system
  • Buiscar running gear with 4 oscillating axles in 2 axle lines suitable for equal distribution of wheel load to support offset load

For more information please contact our Buiscar team:

Johan Bood, Commercial Director    

+31 (0)6 13134400