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Buiscar Industrial Trailer's: For heavy duty operations

Industrial trailers for heavy duty operations

Buiscar offers a standard range of industrial trailers which may be customized by value adding options and custom engineered solutions. Recently, a trailer was commissioned for transport and storage of a 65t production unit.

Customer requirements on industrial trailer

  • Very large bed due to size of production unit to be transported.
  • Very low trailerbed, so trailer plus production unit can enter through the door of the production hall.
  • Low turning cycle as limited space is available at the operating site.
  • Trailer should be able to stand still for a long time.

Buiscar solution

  • Dimensions: lxhxb dimensions: 10.000mm x 6.000mm x 780mm; for easy transportation the trailer was split into 3 parts.
  • Trailerbed is equipped with support construction for the production unit.
  • Running gear: 2 axle lines configuration low with in total 8 press-on wheels.
  • Steering: a pivots steering for 2-axle-line-steering for a turning radius of 10m.
  • Heavy duty support legs are installed to be used when trailer with production unit stands still for a long time.

For more information please contact Buiscar team

  • Jos Vermeulen, Technical Commercial Manager, Tel.: +31 (0)347 323149
  • Martin Stravers, Engineer, Tel.: (0)347 323152
  • Marja Roza - van Vuren, Commercial Director, Tel.: +31 (0)6 38925150