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Buiscar customer speaking #1 Antwerp Euroterminal

What is Antwerp Euroterminal (AET)?
With a total port area of 149 hectares and 2,600 meter quay length, Antwerp Euroterminal NV (AET) is the largest multipurpose terminal in Europe, and the home of vessels of the Grimaldi Group. AET terminal specializes in different types of cargo and processes breakbulk, containers, project cargo, heavy lifts, cars and other RoRo-units on a daily basis.

As a joint venture between Grimaldi Group Naples and Mexiconatie NV, AET is the home of the Grimaldi Deepsea vessels, the Grimaldi Euromed vessels, Finnlines vessels and the vessels from Atlantic Container Lines.
Other partners are: Antwerp Container Repair (ACR) and Antwerp Lashing & securing (ALS).

The location is ideal; situated near main roads, water and railway networks in Europe. This means AET plays a pivotal role in keeping Europe’s trade moving, benefiting our customer, partners, and the community.

What is the vision of the future for Antwerp Euro Terminal?
New projects for 2020 and 2021 are planned to keep expanding the terminal allow for future growth.
What is your function and what kind of contact do you have with Buiscar?
My function is technical supervisor, my contact with Buiscar is for purchase, maintenance and design improvements with the engineering department from Buiscar. 
What is the relationship with Buiscar?
We have been in contact with Buiscar Cargo Solutions for many Years. From the moment that AET started with mobile cranes, AET has grown considerably over the years and the Buiscar fleet has grown with the company.
Which products are the core of the collaboration?
The core business of the collaboration are the Buiscar skeletal trailers for the transport of all containers at the terminal. 
What do you think are the 3 main values of Buiscar trailers?

  1. The trailers are durable and hardly ever needs replacement of spare parts.
  2. Proven design with the unique Buiscar tandem, according to the technical service team and drivers, the trailers are reliable and made for intensive use.  
  3. Low maintenance; efficient operation and minimum downtime, necessary parts are quickly available.

Which characteristics of Buiscar do you experience as important?

  1. The quick communication to us as a client.
  2. Buiscar has a very good customer service.

How do you see the future with Buiscar and where are new opportunities?
We want to keep our fleet up to date and keep improving on safety and efficiency.

We would like to thank Samuel Dutre for the interview about AET and the relationship with Buiscar Cargo Solutions.
Company name:        Antwerp Euroterminal
Contact person:         Samuel Dutre
Function:                     Technical Supervisor
e-mailadres:               info@aet.be
Telephone:                  +32 3 570 00 70
Website:                      www.aet.be

Why Buiscar?

  • Quality manufacturer of heavy duty trailers
  • Standard and custom made technical configuration 
  • Low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime