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28 Units of Buiscar Heavy duty trailers


Last year, a new terminal was built by our client in the capital city Montevideo, Uruguay. From this terminal the main product is supplied by railway or by road. The products are collected in large storage halls and then transported all over the world by ship. Buiscar Cargo Solutions has produced 28 units of heavy duty trailers, to transport the products from the railway wagons to the storage halls and to the ships.

Deliver trailers that can perform optimally
This completely new terminal goes with new technologies for even more efficient execution of work. A modern terminal needs the best trailers so it was our assignment to deliver trailers that can perform optimally under intensive use and harsh conditions. Buiscar is familiar with these conditions in this region of South America and our client trusted us with that specific order.

Develop a trailer with customer-specific details 
The order for Buiscar to develop a trailer with customer-specific details that would perform optimally and meet the expectations of our client was no problem. Our engineers developed the lowest possible deck height in combination with the shortest possible length of the chassis to minimize turning circles. The trailers can be loaded with the maximum load capacity of 2 x 16 packages of 2 Tonnes / each and the total maximum load capacity is 64 Tonnes. Each trailer is equipped with a stainless-steel deck, we use high-quality steel S355J2G3 from reputable suppliers. All joints are mixed gas-welded according to NEN-EN 287 and ASME standards.


Buiscar's performance and reliability 
Control of customer on the final product was carried out by conducting a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Locally, our partner was involved to perform final assembly and commissioning tasks.  
The smart tried and tested trailer design enables local commissioning and transport by sea freight in an efficient and cost effective way. Customers worldwide rely on Buiscar’s trailers because of their excellent performance on the long term and reliability even in the harshest conditions. 


More about Buiscar Skeletal Trailers
Buiscar skeletal trailers have a proven design: a heavy-duty platform equipped with the unique Buiscar tandem. The skeletal trailers have the right combination of main beams, axles and wheels and are manufactured according to strict dimensions. Buiscar offers a standard range, which may be customized by value adding options, and custom engineered solutions like this order from our client in Uruguay.

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Why Buiscar?

  • Quality manufacturer of heavy duty trailers
  • Standard and custom made technical configuration 
  • Low total cost of ownership and maximum lifetime