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buiscar, member of the beco group 

Buiscar Cargo Solutions is part of the BECO GROUP. The history of the BECO GROUP began in 1924, when Mr. C. Bergshoeff took over a local forge in Hagestein, Utrecht. After the Second World War, the real smith work disappeared to the background and over the years various activities passed like the manufacturing of flame pipes and trading activities for agricultural mechanization. Steel constructions became the biggest activity, this is how the name BECO has started, Bergshoeff Constructie.

Moved to an industrial area in 1972

Business was going well and the company was expanded repeatedly, until it had really grown out of its shell in 1972. It was then the management that decided to move to the industrial area ‘De Biezen’ in Vianen, the location where the company is still located today, 2022. In the early seventies, next to the steel structures they started with the production of agricultural tipping trucks and attachments for earthmoving machines.

Exports increased significantly since 2003

In 2003, more activities were taken over like Boforce (now Beco Modifications), Bleijenberg (now Beco Grabs) and BUISCAR CARGO SOLUTIONS, which significantly increased exports. In 2020 DOWA (belt unload trailers) en other special road trailers were added to the range of products we call BECO TRAILERS.

Buiscar is continuously developing

In 2022, the products from the five divisions (BECO ATTACHMENTS, BECO TIPPING TRAILERS, BECO MODIFICATIONS, BECO TRAILERS AND BUISCAR CARGO SOLUTIONS) are continuously begin developed, new products and sales markets were also being sought. We also continuously working on the renewal, optimization of the internal organization and strategy processed.

 Local Forge Hagestein Factory hall in the '70s Steel Constructions 70's

The Beco Group in 2022

Buiscar for first class terminal and Industrial trailers

Buiscar manufactures quality cargo solutions for port terminals and industries. For ports and intermodal transport Buiscar offers a selection of Terminal trailers, such as: skeletal trailersMTS trailersflexi trailersroll trailers and goosenecks. For the industry, with activities related to e.g. construction, concrete, steel, windpower and generators, Buiscar manufactures Industrial trailers, such as: drawbar trailers, roll trailers, goosenecks, bulk trailers and self propelled trailers. Both our standard range, which can be customized by value adding options and custom engineered solutions are well known in the market.

Your Buiscar benefits

  • High quality: high quality steel, components and welding at reasonable price. Your benefit: a long life of the trailer, total cost of ownership is the lowest in the market. High second hand value.
  • Proven design and unique Buiscar tandem: the right combination of main beams, axles and wheels manufactured according to strict dimensions. Your benefit: heavy duty, easy and safe transportation of your cargo during the full lifetime of the trailer.
  • Low maintenance: the design is low maintenance. Your benefit: efficiënt operation and low downtime, necessary parts are at your place within 24-48 hrs.
  • Buiscar staff: professional and experienced in-house engineers, craftsmen and after sales engineers. Your benefit: solutions that are based on more than 45 years of experience built up in a solid firm. Buiscar Cargo Solutions is part of the Beco Group.

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